North Jersey Lake Communities Shopping Mall

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Planned for online availability late this fall, The North Jersey Lake Communities Shopping Mall will offer a unique opportunity for medium and small sized businesses to take advantage of Internet Commerce sales income without bearing the entire expense of setting up their own individual Commerce Server.

We will be offering packages to businesses that wish to sell products on the Internet with startup costs based on the size of the Inventory they wish to retail. The startup and monthly estimated costs for these Virtual Hosted services and production costs. are outlined below:

Estimated Startup costs for Commerce Space within the North Jersey Lake Communities Shopping Mall

Item Description Estimated Cost
Secure ID registration Secure encryption ID setup and registration $300.00
Website production Website production Including SQL server setup, merchandising Interface and 1 day of training for sales and merchandising personell $6500.00
Order Pipeline Configuration Setup and coordinate with banking Institutions for secure credit card transaction - Order pipeline to process your orders and Interface with shipping provider. $2000.00
  Total One time Cost $8800.00

The above setup includes SQL server space of up to 150 meg and Webserver setup. This is a complete package designed to make Internet Commerce available to Businesses without having to maintain the full expense of the setup of an individual Commerce server. Typicall a store can sell hundreds of products on one of these sites. Should you desire a larger capability those prices can be negotiated based upon the size of the inventory you wish to maintain within your virtual store.