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Single user PPP Account
E-mail and Internet Access

$20.00 monthly

Corporate PPP Account
2 users, 2 E-mail Addresses and Internet Access

$25.00 per month

Additional users for Corporate PPP account

$10.00 each per month

Corporate Entry Level Web Page Account
2 E-mail Addresses, 2 user accounts, and up to 2 meg non-interactive web page

$50.00 per month

Corporate Mid Level Web Page Account
Entry Level Account plus fixed Internet address suitable for domain name registration and 5 meg non interactive web page

$74.95 per month

Corporate Deluxe Web Page Account
Mid Level plus limited interactive capabilities and 7 meg limited interactive web page

$99.95 per month

Full Interactive Web Site
Including CGI, Java Script, Active X, ASP, etc.

Quoted as per resources and bandwidth required

Web Page Authoring / Production

$60.00 per hour or as quoted as per resources required

Domain Name Registration

$150.00 first two years
$50.00 per year after