Business Plan for Community online Network Investors:

The following charts display cost vs income for those who may wish to invest in this Internet technology as a business partner.

Capitol Outlay and Monthly Operational Costs
Service Description Costs
T-1 Frame Relay One time setup charges $4000.00
T-1 Frame Relay Monthly Access Bulk rate charges. Includes Bell Atlantic and ISP upstream charges $1400.00
Projected Monthly Income
Subscriber Count Monthly Income Total Profit / Loss
10 400.00 -1000.00
20 800.00 -600.00
30 1200.00 -200.00
40 1600.00 +200.00
50 2000.00 +600.00
60 2400.00 +1000.00
Additional Projected Monthly Income from additional Internet Services
Service Subscriber Count / Rate Income
Additional e-mail accounts 10 @ 10.00 monthly 100.00
FTP secure server accounts 10 @ 10.00 monthly 100.00
Website Hosting 10 @ 50.00 monthly 500.00
Website Production 1 monthly 4000.00

As can be seen the subscriber count needs to be high for a pure subscriber income to justify the cost of the T1 installation, however the spin off business and addition services offer a good opportunity for profitable services at each location. Generally if we can get to a near break even point for the pure subscriber count then the spin off Internet services opportunities become more highly profitable. IN essence we have a business relationship with our clients in these cases and provided we service them well they will come back to us as their Internet needs grow. Our company is a full service Internet provider and our sister company, Simple Solutions Help Desk, which is a PC and LAN service and engineering corporation work hand in hand to service the needs of many small businesses.