Estimated costs

ISP subscription

Individual ppp dialup accounts for each office

Estimated at 20.00 per account, totaling $1000.00 monthly.

Bell Atlantic

Message unit charges and telephone line subscription.

Modestly estimated at 35.00 per user, totalling $1750.00



$2750.00 monthly

The solution to this is almost identical to Case study A. Once again the user count justifies a shared subscription to an office complex engineered T1 connection. In fact this was the exact situation that we resolved. At our location of 170 Kinnelon Rd, Kinnelon NJ we Installed a Frame Relay T-1 Internet connection. We then installed a local network in the building and distributed the internet via that network to building subscribers. Today this business enjoys an ISDN or better than 128KB connection to the Internet. Their monthly fee for this subscription is their fair share of the T1 bandwidth, which is approximately $40.00 The savings is both in monthly cost for services as well as increase in productivity brought about by changing the connection type from the "World Wide Wait" to the "World Wide Web".

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