Service Description Costs
15 56K modems Installation of 15 56K modems in individual PC's Approximately 100.00 per PC including modem and installation labor, totaling $1500.00
Bell Atlantic Installation charges for 15 business lines. Approximately $25.00 per line one time installation charge, totaling $380.00
  Total One time cost $1880.00
ISP subscriptions Discounted bulk rate ISP connections for 15 concurrent users Estimated at 15.00 per month per connection, totaling $225.00 monthly
Bell Atlantic Message unit charges and telephone line subscription. Estimated at a minimum of $50.00 per month per telephone line, totaling $750.00
  Total Monthly Cost $975.00

Although this is an extreme case of cost in-effectiveness it clearly demonstrates the need for alternative methods of connecting a business LAN to the Internet. This particular client did not require a lot of downloads or uploads of graphics or sound files to support their business, however multiple access to the online information of multiple manufacturers by several users at the same time called for a significantly faster and more efficient method than described above.

The solution we offered for this client included the Installation of a Microsoft Proxy server and a custoflex ISDN circuit. A Frame relay would have been Ideal, however the cost of that circuit would have been more than their current methods. The setup and monthly costs for this are outlined in the table below:

Estimated one time setup Costs
Services Description One time cost
Bell Atlantic Installation One time cost to setup an ISDN custoflex connection. This connection was through several CO's (central offices) therefore there is a mileage charge reflected in both the one time setup as well as the monthly cost. Estimated one time cost of $600.00, ISDN setup charge
Termination Equipment purchase Ascend Pipeline 50 ISDN routers (2 required) Estimated MSRP cost of approximately $1200.00
Microsoft Proxy Server Installation and setup of Microsoft Proxy server / Exchange server, AKA Microsoft Small Business Server package 5000.00
  Total one time Cost. This one time cost is approximately the same as above, although the results are much improved $6800.00
Monthly Costs of Service
Service Description Costs
Bell Atlantic ISDN Custoflex with mileage charges included. Approximate Monthly charges of $225.00 for full time connection.
ISP charges ISP Bandwidth charges Approximately 200.00 monthly.
  Total Monthly Costs $425.00

One of the key performance features here is the use of Microsoft (or other brand if desired) Proxy server / Exchange server SBS package. This affords the customer improved performance in web access speeds due to the Web caching feature of the Microsoft web proxy service. This feature caches website requests and improves bandwidth performance by up to 50%. The Stac compression in the Ascend ISDN router also improves performance. Apart from sales team efficiency due to this improved performance of web access the obvious savings occurs each month when you compare the monthly costs of 15 individual telephone lines and message unit charges totaling approximately $975.00 with the much lower cost of the ISDN custoflex connection costs of approximately $425.00 monthly.

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