Service Description Monthly Cost
Local ISP charge Monthly charge for PPP account $20.00
Bell Atlantic Message unit charges and telephone line subscription. $225.00
  Total Monthly costs $245.00

The savings with a proper Internet connection here would be twofold. First with a custoflex ISDN connection the overall monthly cost of the service would be reduced. Secondly, the loss of production time would be re-gained by saving file transfer time with a faster connection. Below is the outline for the solution for this case study:

Estimated typical one time setup charges for this Internet connection
Service Description Cost
Bell Atlantic One time setup fee for ISDN custoflex within same CO $300.00
Termination equipment Ascend pipeline 50 ISDN router $1200.00
ISP setup charges One time ISP setup charges $100.00
  Total one time cost $1600.00
Estimated typical monthly charges for this service
Service Description Cost
Bell Atlantic Monthly charge for custoflex ISDN curcuit $99.00
ISP charge Dial on demand ISDN connectivity charge dual channel $150.00
  Total Monthly Costs $249.00

In this case there is no need for a full time ISDN connection because there is no mail server that requires a full time Internet connection. The requirements that we have satisfied include a faster connection to speed up file transfers and a lower monthly cost of service. The improvements in billable hours are not included in this analysis, however the file transfer time should be minimally cut in half.

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